Redefining A New Relationship Between Space & Esthetic

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We are a studio focused on creating, developing and designing both new and existing spaces.

Who We Are
FAA Designs was conceived and operating in Paris since 2008 before opening the main branch in Lagos in 2015.  The primary motivation for our move to Nigeria was the conviction that it is now possible to do things differently.

Through a critical approach and a total embrace of the context, we can rediscover new ways.

It is a matter of questioning what we use and why we use certain materials or tools to create our environment.

How We Work 

Through punctual partnerships within a network of valuable professionals, FAA Designs focuses on offering the best proposals. This allows a variation of results, relevance and efficiency in answers.

The specific requirements of the site, program and client needs are fully integrated, hence each project evolves as an unique exploration of its own rather than reflecting a predetermined architectural or design style. We strongly believe that the design of details is the secret for the best realization and an optimal design and cost control.


It is time to redefine a new relationship between space and esthetics

Françoise Akinosho – Principal Partner



Françoise Aramide Akinosho

Françoise Aramide Akinosho

Principal Architect View Details
Rafael Da Silva

Rafael Da Silva

International expert in Architecture Interior and Design View Details
Guillemette Salam

Guillemette Salam

Expert in Landscaping and Interiors View Details
Anne Akinosho

Anne Akinosho

Administrative Manager View Details
Françoise Aramide Akinosho

Françoise Aramide Akinosho

Principal Architect

Aramide graduated as an architect in 2004, in France. After working in different offices in NYC and Paris, where she has been exposed to various type, range and scale of projects, she decides to start her own proactice while feeding her experience with different partners.

Education: Ecole d’architecture de Marne la Vallée ( 1998-2004, France) / Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio (Switzerland) /Main Professional experiences: Archi-tectonics (NYC)/ Bonetti-Kozerski (NYC)/ Bernard Tschumi Architects as Project Architect (New York City) / Ateliers Lion (Paris) / Total E&P Nigeria / Design Group (Nigeria).

Rafael Da Silva

Rafael Da Silva

International expert in Architecture Interior and Design

Rafael Da Silva is FAA’s innovative and creative International expert Architect with specializations in Interior designs, space planning and project management.

Rafael started his career as a protege at the young age of 16 to a prestigious design company in Southern Brazil. Before the age of 28, he had already completed amazing and successful commercial and residential projects for some noteworthy private clients and multinational companies including: the Saudi Royal Family Companies KAUST & PNU ($781b), University projects ($5b), and most recently a mission for French multinational Total S.A ($200b) in Lagos, Nigeria.

Rafael’s passion for design, architecture and travel has taken him to more than 30 countries in 5 continents, in search of inspiration, research and new challenges.

Guillemette Salam

Guillemette Salam

Expert in Landscaping and Interiors

With a successful 12 years experience in marketing for international brands and a fierce passion for discovering the essence of vegetative wildlife in the West African region, Guillemette Salam is FAA Designs’ expert on landscaping. From determining existing materials in the market and coordinating with contractors in the region, to presenting an optimal diagnosis to our client’s unique landscaping challenges (particularly within the African context), Guillemette brings invaluable knowledge into FAA Designs’ strategic approach to projects.

Anne Akinosho

Anne Akinosho

Administrative Manager

Anne Akinosho is the multi-skilled Administrative Manager of FAA Designs. With a diverse background in chemistry, cosmetics and teaching, Anne Akinosho offers her unique creative inputs in assessing appointments of strategic partners, overall company strategy and lot more, making her an invaluable asset to FAA Designs and our incredible clientele.



We have handled all kinds of projects, whether built or in study phase, from housing and offices to cultural buildings, business premises and leisure facilities. As a result we deliver the best design experience.


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Today our studio focuses on a multi disciplinary practice of contemporary life design. Our expertise fully covers the following fields:


At FAA Designs, we emphasize a combination of the Interior and Architecture disciplines to create iconic building designs with elaborate interior spaces worthy of our client’s lifestyle.Learn More

Furniture & Products

At FAA Designs, the combination of urban design with landscaping is about accepting and integrating the void in our cities. Learn More


FAA Designed objects offer practical and particular inputs on the owner, the intended lifestyle, the materials, the involved artisans, and more. Learn More




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